Book with confidence

In these uncertain times, we want you to have peace of mind when booking with us. Here are some ways in which we are seeking to give you reassurance, including our Covid Guarantee. It’s free of charge and applies to all 2021 holidays.

Refund guarantee

We’ll give you a full refund or transfer your holiday to next season if you or anyone on your booking are unable to start your holiday due to a Covid-19 diagnosis and/or isolation requirement. More details in the Covid Guarantee section below.

Lockdown reassurance

If the Government advises against travel to France or if new more stringent measures for isolation or testing on return from France are imposed, you can have a full refund or pick new dates in 2022, subject to availability. Again, see the details below.

Secure your holiday for a low deposit

Pay just £50 deposit for our luxury tents and bring-your-own emplacements, £100 for any mobile home or £250 for a villa. The balance of your holiday payment is then due just 30 days before you depart.

FREE amendments

There’s no charge if you need to ask us to amend your holiday dates, accommodation or other arrangements. We’ll credit you any reduction or just charge you for increased costs, eg an accommodation upgrade.

Balance payment extension

We’ve extended the date on which your balance payment is due. Now you only need to pay 30 days before departure. So you can book well in advance without the need to pay in full.


  1. If you or anyone on your booking are unable to start your holiday due to a Covid-19 diagnosis and/or isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic; or
  2. If national or local Governments impose restrictions which prevent you or anyone on your booking from travelling or impose compulsory quarantine periods, due to the Covid-19 outbreak:

We guarantee that you may transfer your holiday to new dates in 2021 or 2022. If you don’t know your new dates, we will apply your original booking payment against any future holiday. Alternatively, you may cancel your booking and receive a full refund of all your booking value not covered by your travel insurance or ferry supplements as noted below.

3. Also, up to 14 days before your holiday: if you consider it unsafe to come on holiday due to the continuing pandemic, we guarantee that you may cancel or re-book as above. This part of the guarantee does not apply to the last 14 days before your holiday.

Ferry and Eurotunnel bookings

Please note this guarantee and timing applies to the full value of your booking EXCEPT ferry and Eurotunnel supplements. These supplements will be refunded or transferred in line with the regulations of the relevant carrier. These regulations normally provide for a refund in the case where Government action prevents travel or makes it impractical.


  1. All other booking terms and conditions remain unchanged​.
  2. If you choose to amend your holiday to different dates, should your new holiday be cheaper than your existing booking, you can choose to use the difference as part payment for a future holiday or have it refunded. Should your new holiday be more expensive, you will need to pay the difference.
  3. Holiday transfers are subject to availability.
  4. If you choose to cancel or change your holiday, you must confirm this by email even if you call us first.
  5. This guarantee applies to holidays in 2021.
  6. This guarantee is not a replacement for full holiday insurance. We advise that you check your insurance to ensure it covers all the situations that might arise before and during your holiday. You should first claim back costs from your insurer: Spring Harvest Holidays will cover the balance of your holiday price.
  7. It's your responsibility to check exactly what regulations are being applied by the UK and French governments and that you comply with these rules. Spring Harvest Holidays will provide guidelines and information but we do not guarantee this to be exhaustive or up-to-the-minute.