Equipped - in partnership with Moorlands College

The Book of Revelation is a no-go area for many Christians - misunderstood and misused so often. But with the right background and understanding it becomes a source of insight and encouragement for today's believers.

Helen is an expert in unpacking Revelation to ordinary Christians - indeed that was her subject when she last visited LPO pre-pandemic. She has authored 30 days with the Book of Revelation: A toolkit for you and your church and will be drawing on some of this material through the holiday week.

Like every holiday week at Le Pas Opton, the programme will include Bible study and worship that is accessible to all. This Equipped holiday will add a further optional session when you can go into more depth and have the opportunity for questions and discussion.

Revelation: In John’s Day and Ours

Helen says "We’ll be exploring the Book of Revelation in its original Jewish and Roman context and unpacking its relevance for today. This will involve looking back at the seven churches to whom John writes to understand what Revelation would have meant to them. We’ll also examine John’s interpretation of Old Testament Scriptures in light of Jesus’ work and we’ll explore John’s adoption and adaptation of Roman mythology in order to highlight Jesus’ supremacy.

"While much of Revelation addresses John’s day, its visions also point forward to Jesus’ return. We’ll therefore unpack what Revelation reveals about Jesus’ return and explore how we might live in the present with eyes fixed forward to the future. Lastly, Revelation is relevant to every era and so we’ll explore its challenges and encouragements for us today."

Helen & Tim Miller


Helen Tim Miller
Helen Tim Miller

Helen and Tim Miller are both lecturers in Applied Theology at Moorlands College, Christchurch. They are part of Bournemouth Community Church and are involved in the preaching and teaching there. Tim is working on a doctorate in the area of charismatic preaching. Helen’s PhD is published in the book Flexible Church: Being the Church in the Contemporary World. Both are passionate about helping people see more of God’s work and character through the Bible and unpacking Scripture’s relevance for the whole of life. They enjoy getting out running, biking and, when the weather is good, sea swimming.

    Real holiday

    Set in the beautiful Vendée region, Le Pas Opton gives you so many opportunities to relax and be refreshed:

    • Laze away some time in our Coffee Shop, bar and conservatory
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