Our vision

Our vision is for our guests to enjoy superb holidays in an excellent environment. We want our guests to be refreshed and renewed: spiritually, mentally and physically. We welcome guests from different backgrounds, nations, ages and abilities.

Our vision also encompasses the development and well-being of our employees, including the provision of discipleship opportunities for young Christian animateurs, to learn skills and gain experience that will help to prepare them for lives of Christian service.

We also want to worship Christ in this part of France and encourage the church both locally and nationally - with the prayer that blessing will follow, and the work of the Gospel be advanced in France.

Front entrance

Our ministry

The ‘spiritual’ aspect of our holidays reflects the ministry and values of Spring Harvest. We give at least as much attention to the quality of our activities for children and teenagers as for adults. We seek to create settings where all ages can worship and learn from the Bible together.

Because we’re a holiday company, we see these ministry activities taking place in a relaxed and unpressurised environment. We recognise that for some guests, time off from meetings will be a valuable part of their holiday experience - so there's no expectation or requirement to attend any meetings!

For those who join on-site Bible study and worship sessions, our speakers and worship leaders will respect the truth of God’s word and seek the power of the Holy Spirit in varied and creative ways.

Bible study outdoors