Extra Time

Beyond the daily ministry, this final week has an "explore" theme. All season LPO hosts walkers, runners, cyclists and bikers. It's a great base from which to explore the Vendée.

So we'll be sharing some of our favourite routes and we will lead you on one each day. Ride to Sion, walk to the Lac de Jaunay, run the Gué Gorand, bike to Les Sables or plan your own journey.

This holiday is accessible for all abilities from the most casual walker to more serious Garmin, Kamoot, Strava, Run Keeper users. All are welcome!

For several years this last holiday week of the LPO season was titled the Biker's holiday. We still hope that some motorcyclists will join us to do their own exploring of the Vendée region together.

Phil Wade

Worship Leader

Phil Wade
Phil Wade

Phil is an former animateur at Le Pas Opton! Currently he's Worship Director at All Saints Worcester, a Church of England resourcing church. Having trained at Moorlands College and the Worship Foundation, Phil is passionate about equipping and coaching local worship leaders and teams.

    Ian & Ruth Coffey


    Ian Ruth Coffey
    Ian Ruth Coffey

    Ian and Ruth Coffey have been involved in Christian ministry for five decades and, in that time, have served in a variety of leadership roles from local church to national organisations. They spent the last fifteen years on the staff of Moorlands College until they retired in 2022. They continue to travel, teach, preach and write extensively They live in a small village in East Dorset.

      Real holiday

      Set in the beautiful Vendée region, Le Pas Opton gives you so many opportunities to relax and be refreshed:

      • Laze away some time in our Coffee Shop, bar and conservatory
      • Feast on freshly baked croissants, baguettes and pastries
      • Get active by hiring a bike or canoe
      • Find your own place in our spacious park: sit by the river or seek seclusion among the trees
      • Pick a local restaurant for a special lunch or dinner
      • Stroll the charming streets of local fishing villages and historic towns