Volunteer sponsorship

All children’s and youth worker roles at Le Pas Opton are voluntary, working for our French charity Association Le Pas Opton. We appreciate however that some of the brilliant, energetic, godly young Christians who can fill these roles are in need of money!


Usually of student age, you may be keen to serve but also needing to finish your summer vacation in a better financial situation than when you started. We want you to grow in your faith and leadership skills through the unique fun and challenge of our teams.


That is why the SHH Sponsorship Fund exists. Volunteers serving for four weeks or more in a season can apply for a payment of up to €150 per week of volunteering for Association Vacances Le Pas Opton. The aim of the fund is to support student-age Christians who are volunteering at Le Pas Opton so that limited financial resources are not an obstacle to their Christian service.


The fund is held and distributed by the Essential Christian charity, the charitable group to which Spring Harvest belongs. Hosting the fund here means that Gift Aid can be reclaimed on relevant donations. We work closely with Essential Christian to ensure this system works properly for all concerned. To find out about donating to the fund or applying for sponsorship, see below.

Information for applicants

Please don’t try to apply until you have been accepted for a volunteer role at Le Pas Opton. Make sure you have applied by the time you start your volunteering in France. Thank you!

How to apply:

Couriers in marquee

In a Word document or pdf, on one side of A4, please give us the following information.

  • Your name and address, a phone number and email address
  • The volunteer role and the dates for which you have been accepted
  • A brief summary of your financial situation (where the income comes from, what your main costs are). We don’t need exact figures, just an overview.
  • A few sentences about your hopes and dreams for working with us.

Email your document to [email protected]
and we’ll usually give you a decision within 14 days.

Information for donors

You can make a difference by supporting the SHH Sponsorship Fund.

The fund provides some income for volunteers, usually students, who serve for four weeks or more in the summer. These people might otherwise need to choose a different summertime job.

Our vision for these animateurs is that they bring godly character, energy and creativity to our kids and youth work, making it a fun and life-changing experience for our guests.

We know that the young adults who fulfil these roles often have leadership potential and are likely to make an impact for God’s kingdom in years to come. We ensure that their time at LPO contributes to their growth and maturing, with plenty of learning opportunities and practical experience.

£11 per month sponsors a young volunteer for a week

£65 per month sponsors a high season children’s worker for their whole summer of serving

You can donate by

  • Making a monthly contribution by direct debit
  • Making a one-off donation online
  • Supporting the Sunday offerings at Le Pas Opton. These offerings are shared between several beneficiaries including the Sponsorship Fund.

To be fully donor-funded, we need to raise

about £40,000 each year. Please consider prayerfully about a generous donation that will have a real effect on the life of a volunteer and many guests.