Gospel Choir Holiday

Alongside the Bible studies, this week will include a unique Gospel music vibe.

UK Gospel legend John Fisher's IDMC Gospel choir will lead worship. Plus each afternoon his team will lead Gospel-singing workshops in separate groups for children and adults. You’ll get the chance to learn about technique, harmonies, solos and more.

At the weekend, more members of IDMC Gospel Choir and band will join us at LPO. Graduates of the afternoon workshops will join the choir and band to sing in a Gospel concert, backed by professional singers, keyboard, guitar and drums. A bonus weekend concert is currently at the planning stage, reaching out to the local community with IDMC’s unique Gospel music message.

John Fisher health update: earlier this year, John suffered a stroke. He is currently recovering and working on rehab. Leading IDMC singers Teressa Edwards and Courtney Hoilett will lead the worship and performances this season. Meanwhile, we wish and pray for a strong recovery for John.

The Gospel-singing workshops

John Fisher and his team have been invited on a regular basis to conduct gospel choir workshops in Europe and beyond. Individuals and choirs from beyond these shores often turn to the UK as the closest source for authentic Gospel music.

Working on his We Sing U Sing project, John has conducted projects in Poland, Denmark, Germany, France and Italy with hundreds of enthusiastic participants.

A series of workshops conclude with a concert performance. The workshops include:

  • A brief history of Gospel Music
  • The journey from Slavery to hip-hop
  • Teaching basic singing techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • Unison singing
  • Harmony singing
  • Holding notes confidently
  • Understanding rhythms
  • Voice strengthening
  • Confidence
  • Solo singing

Teressa Edwards

Worship Leader

Teressa Edwards
Teressa Edwards

Teressa works in PR and marketing and has sung both professionally and for fun all her life. She's worked for several years with John Fisher BEM on the entire suite of services related to IDMC Gospel Choir. She also finds time to be a presenter for liferadio.uk.


Worship Leader

Gospel week 4
Gospel week 4

IDMC includes up to 25 members from various Christian backgrounds plus a small group of professional musicians. They have amassed nine albums including one recorded at Le Pas Opton in 2012.

The choir were finalists in BBC Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the Year in 2018 when they also won Premier Radio’s Gospel Choir of the Year and an Urban Music Award for Best Gospel Act 2018.

Courtney Hoilett

Worship Leader

Courtney Hoilett
Courtney Hoilett

Courtney is a "veteran" member of IDMC Gospel choir whose first worship-leading visit to LPO was way back around 2009!

Real holiday

Set in the beautiful Vendée region, Le Pas Opton gives you so many opportunities to relax and be refreshed:

  • Laze away some time in our Coffee Shop, bar and conservatory
  • Feast on freshly baked croissants, baguettes and pastries
  • Get active by hiring a bike or canoe
  • Find your own place in our spacious park: sit by the river or seek seclusion among the trees
  • Pick a local restaurant for a special lunch or dinner
  • Stroll the charming streets of local fishing villages and historic towns