Could you help set up the site for the summer (Montage), or pack it down ready for winter (Demontage)? These vital roles are carried out by dedicated volunteers each April and September.

These teams are full for 2024, but please do consider helping in 2025!

Voluntary Role: Montage/Demontage (Bénévole)

Duration: 1-4 weeks.

Responsible to: Montage/Demontage Team Leader and Site Manager

Key responsibilities include the following:

· Putting up and equipping or taking down and removal for storage of guest tents and contents.

· Putting up or taking down and storage of marquees and other large tents.

· Outdoor furniture distribution, collection and cleaning.

· Hire bike set up / winterisation and storage.

· Distribution or winterisation of site equipment.

· General duties in order to prepare the site for guests or pack up the site.

· Set up or take down and storage of technical equipment.

· Cleaning and distribution of bar, coffee shop and pool furniture.

· Gardening, planting of hanging baskets.

· Site clearance.

In addition to the above, other duties as required in consultation with the Team Leader(s) and site manager.

Other activities:

· Catering for Montage/Demontage team.

· Sorting and categorising craft materials and sports equipment post season (Demontage).

· Uniform sorting for storage (Demontage).

· Bedding distribution or collection and sorting.

· Coffee shop pack-up (Demontage).

· General cleaning, painting, grounds maintenance and pack-up activities.

Essential qualities and attributes:

· Ability to work both within a team and/or alone.

· Contribute positively to communal living.

· A good level of physical fitness is required for most of the key responsibilities.

· Adaptability.

Some activities require technical skills such as bike maintenance and commissioning/decommissioning of audio-visual equipment. We welcome applications from people having those skills.

These teams are full for 2024.