Children's and Youth team

Feedback from past animateurs:

"I learnt so much about myself and others in praying and planning, through serving the youth and guests."

"So many great God moments with the teenagers."

"I have definitely been taken out of my comfort zone and into my learning zone."

"I have grown as a result. It's been great being immersed in the European languages, culture and style."

"Serving on team has been fun, full of variety and with great people."

"I feel I've been in at the deep end but I have been supported and I feel more confident to do it again."

"It is great to be in a team working with people who are committed to giving their best."

"I feel I can be authentic and not perfect and I'm helped to grow."

"God used me to relate and connect with the teenagers."

"I've been hugely blessed, I love the accommodation, staff village and the food."

LPO is a brilliant place for children and families. That's down to the huge range of activities, including age-grouped sessions in the mornings with a mix of Christian content, games and high-energy fun.

Young people love their LPO holidays and pester their parents to come back again and again. They love the freedom, the friendships and the activities. For many, they make leaps forward in their Christian faith. It is the role of our animateur team to create the fun, the energy, the passion and the brilliant communication.

Our team members are dedicated, passionate and gifted. They serve wholeheartedly and the youth and children love it! The team also benefits from regular sessions with our invited speakers and worship leaders because our aim is that they will be challenged and grow in their faith during their time at Le Pas Opton.

The 2024 team has now been recruited. For details of what's involved, download the Children's and Youth team role description and check out the team's day-in-the-life video below.

Other voluntary roles are still available for 2024: see the Bénévoles page, or for the application process, click here.