Directors of Spring Harvest Holidays

The Board of Spring Harvest Holidays comprises five directors. In addition John Musgrave (Managing Director) and Dave Bentley (Park Directeur) attend meetings and are involved with strategic decision making.

Alison Dorricott’s connection with LPO goes back over fifteen years. A French speaker, she was the inspiration behind our Houseparty holiday for singles and couples and she brings her considerable horticultural knowledge to bear on LPO matters.

David Dorricott has been involved with LPO since before day one. He initially trained in Forestry but now leads “The Postcode People”, a data and technology business as well as the Mountain View Innovation Centre on the Isle of Man. He brings a wide range of practical business experience and skills to Spring Harvest Holidays.

Hugh Francis has been coming to LPO with his wife Kay and three children Emma, Peter and Sarah for nearly 20 years. He is a chartered accountant and brings experience as an executive within the insurance industry and serves as an Elder within his local Baptist church. Hugh recently retired and is on the Board of Essential Christian and also serves on the Board of Baptist Insurance.

Peter Martin previously worked with Spring Harvest and Essential Christian for 34 years as CEO and latterly Executive Vice Chair. Now semi-retired, he runs Hope Lebedyn: a charity working specifically within the eastern part of Ukraine. He is a family man with 7 grandchildren and loves to play golf to relax. Peter has been a director for 15 years and brings a wealth of business knowledge and wisdom to the discussions of the board.

Rev. Dr Jean-Louis Péchèr has been an LPO guest since 2005. He has worked as a business consultant, a church pastor and for one season as Park Manager at LPO. He is currently planting a new inner city church in Hunslet Leeds. He is the President of the Association Le Pas Opton.