Tell us your LPO story

Tell us how LPO has touched your life. From starting a business to starting to pray; from falling in love to falling in the river; from trying to swim to trying to adopt.

Le Pas Opton has been more than a holiday for thousands of people over the years. As we celebrate our twentieth year, we’re giving thanks for the countless stories of God’s work in our lives. Our celebrations are going to be about what our incredible God has been doing, not trying to take the credit for ourselves.

So please tell us your LPO Story. If you have a photo to go with it, please email [email protected]. You can read our growing collection of LPO Stories right here. Do check back from time to time for new ones!

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So tell us your LPO story. We ask you to provide your name and contact details but if you’d prefer to remain anonymous when we publish your story, just tick the box below.

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